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Funding & Fundraising Ideas


This app helps you fund your business in 3 great ways:1) It teaches you how to get funding for your business or nonprofit via grants, donations, loans and investment. Plus gives a number of tips for creative things you can do to raise money.2) You can get expert help and advice on how to fund your business from a real person by asking questions right inside the app. We answer almost all questions in under 24 hours.3) Use our interactive planning tools to plan your fundraising activities privately, or brainstorm how to fund your business with business partners, so that together you can find a way to get funding for your business.In the latest version of the app, we added a planning tool that guides you through the planning for raising money via the four major sources of fundraising: grants, investments, loans, and donations.
- There are 8 articles on the app: 1) Overview of when and where to seek funding for your business or nonprofit project or organization.
2) Raising money via donations and online via crowdfunding, or funding your business by hosting fundraiser events. A fundraiser does not have to be an official event that is called a fundraiser. On the app, there is an example of how regular social events were used to fund a real business.
3) Funding via government and non-government grants.
4) Funding via government loans, private loans or loans from private companies.
5) Fund your business via investment from professional investors such as seed investments, angel investments, taking investment from friends and family, and investing in the business from savings or via a more cost-effective business strategy.
6) Creative ways to do fundraising from raising money online to doing fundraisers or community events. Allocating someone on your team to be the fundraiser for the company can be a helpful strategy.
7) Added article about how to increase your chances of raising money and fund your business with an investment from professional investors.
8) Added article about raising money from investors. It isn't an easy way to fund a business, but in some cases it is possible.
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And remember to take advantage of the ability to ask questions about how to fund a business. We are here to help you in your process of raising money. So don't be shy. You are welcome to take advantage of our help.
Coming soon: tutorial on how to fund business by getting a full time or part time job. It is actually one of the surest way to fund business or nonprofit during the starting stages.